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What is e-audits?

e-audits is a online compliance and risk management software solution for compliance managers to build and report all the checks you have or might want.

It’s quick to set-up (no software is required) and easy to use. The flexibility inherent to the design means it works seamlessly with your organisations risk and compliance systems.

From simple tick lists to complex audits you can build, schedule and assign by name, title, site, area etc. and report findings and designate tasks with key data instantly viewable on dashboards.

Any deficiency can be designated for completion and our Action Manager module plots progress for you, freeing up your time.

e-audits could transform the way you work giving better performance, reduced cost and management the information to get the best from teams and resources.

Monitor standards at a glance

Customisable dashboards mean you can view standards by Department, site, area, brand or country. Customised dashboards and executive reporting mean you can see the big picture as well as drilling down to specific issues.

Expert design and use by our own auditors mean the system is constantly being refined to meet the latest demands.

e-audits is a web-based solution helping you to quickly build and report all of the checks you want.

  • Business who undertake internal or external checks or inspections
  • Those with an existing system looking for a compatible system
  • Managers looking for a solution that understands their needs
  • Executives wanting to use modern technology to maximise their business
  • Multi-site businesses
  • Auditors undertaking multiple inspections
  • Companies wanting local support with the expertise to make e-audits work for them
  • From simple tick lists to complex audits – multiple scoring and reporting options
  • Build, schedule and assign by name, title, site or area, from one person to the whole company
  • Key data is viewable instantly
  • Customisable dashboards mean you can see KPI’s the way you want to
  • Report findings and designate tasks