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Changing text size

Most browsers feature the ability to resize text on screen to a level you feel comfortable with. This tool is available in the menu of various browsers as follows:

  • Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, 6, 7(PC) – View > Text Size
  • Firefox, Mozilla – View > Text Size
  • Opera – View > Zoom
  • Safari (Mac) – View > Make Text Bigger

Access Keys:

The access key function allows you to surf around a site without using your mouse to click on links. Using your keyboard, it’s possible to jump directly to certain links or certain areas within a page, without having to move your mouse at all.

Simply hold down alt+[access key] and then press enter (PC) or ctrl+[access key] (Mac) Safari users may need to hold down ctrl+alt+[access key].

  • Return to home page – [access key]+h
  • Skip to About Us – [access key]+1
  • Skip to Products & Services- [access key]+2
  • Skip to Testimonials – [access key]+3
  • Skip to Clients – [access key]+4
  • Skip to Latest News- [access key]+5
  • Skip to Contact Us – [access key]+6
  • Skip to Downloads – [access key]+7